About Us
Who We

Zion Baptist Church is an old-fashioned Bible-believing church.  We believe God’s Word has the answer to all life’s problems.  By reading and understanding the Bible, we can know how to get to heaven and how to live a successful life until we arrive.  God did not leave us here to grope in the dark but gave us His Word as a guide for life.  It has instructions on how to have a wonderful husband-wife relationship, how to successfully rear children, and how to cope with the stress of these times.

We call ourselves an old-fashioned church because we still strive to live by the Bible.  In what would be called the “old days,” divorce was a rarity, children loved and respected their parents, and no one ever heard of a drug problem.  You can still have this today if you only turn to the Bible.

We are committed at our church to helping all people of every age find the peace that only God can provide. This is a ministry the Lord Jesus Christ has given to us. We long for you to know Christ personally.
What We Believe
Statement of Beliefs.
We Believe
in THE HOLY SCRIPTURE: accepting the writings of the Old and New Testaments as the very Word of God, verbally inspired in all parts and therefore wholly without error and altogether sufficient in themselves as our only infallible and authoritative rule of faith and practice. We believe that God has preserved His Word in the King James Version.
We Believe
in THE LORD JESUS CHRIST: who is the second Person of the Triune God, the eternal Word and Only Begotten Son; that without any change in His divine Person, He became man by miracle of the Virgin Birth, thus to continue forever as both true God and true Man, one Person with two natures…
We Believe
in THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LOCAL CHURCH: We believe that a New Testament church is a congregation of baptized believers associated by a covenant of faith and fellowship of the gospel observing the ordinances of Christ, governed by His Laws, and exercising the gifts, rights, and privileges invested in them by His Word…
We Believe
in FUTURE LIFE, BODILY RESURRECTION AND ETERNAL JUDGMENT: that the sprits of the saved at death go immediately to be with Christ in Heaven, that their works shall be brought before the Judgment of Christ for the determination of rewards which will take place at the time when Christ comes for His own…
Conservative Worship
We are unashamedly conservative when it comes praising our Lord.
Zion Baptist Church A family of believers seeking righteousness and holiness.