Growing in Christ
Everyone has room to grow as a follower of Christ. Zion Baptist Church provides a wide variety of opportunities for personal growth from the newest believer to the those with years of experience.
The Bus Ministry

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What to Expect
A Weekly Visit
Our bus workers visit your family every Saturday. At these visits, we will check to see who will be coming to church on Sunday. We are also available to discuss what the Bible has to say about anything you face personally or as a family.

Door to Door Pickup
We pick up your family or children for Sunday School and church each Sunday. While riding to church, we’ll teach verses, learn Bible lessons, play review games, and have a snack.

Celebrate Holidays and Special Church Events
We regularly have celebrate holidays as well as special church events and even events specifically for the riders of the bus.

How You Can Help
Help to Learn
Work with your child to learn their Bible verse. Pick a time each week when you will read it to them or with them. You may even want to memorize it yourself!

Help to Wake Up
Help us by making sure that everyone is up and ready when the bus arrives. This helps us to be efficient while picking up other families.

Help to Go to Sleep
Help us by making sure that your children get a good night’s rest. We all behave better and learn more when we are well rested.

Help By Visiting
Visit us any time! We would love to have you come and “check us out.” Our adult Sunday School classes will help you to learn God’s Word for yourself while your children are in their classes.

What They Learn
God created everything. He made the earth, the animals, people – everything in the whole universe! God created all of these things in six days. Since God created us, He determines how the world works and how we should exist in the world.

Adam and Eve
God created the first man and woman (Adam and Eve) perfect and in a perfect place. He talked with them regularly each morning, but Adam and Eve chose to disobey God by eating from the forbidden tree. Because of their sin, they were judged. Now, everyone who sins is also judged.

The 10 Commandments
God’s basic expectations for every person are listed in the 10 Commandments. Every person who ever lived is responsible to keep every commandment of God at all times in their life. Breaking any of God’s commandments is called “sin.”

Amazing Stories
David and Goliath! Moses parting the Red Sea! Daniel and the lion’s den! The Bible records true accounts of many people who lived in the past. They were real people, with real problems, who experienced real victories. Their stories of faith, courage, and even defeat help us learn how we can live for God every day.

Birth of Jesus
The same person Who created everything in the beginning became a man and was born in Bethlehem. Hundreds of years before His birth, the Bible accurately predicted where and how Jesus would be born. His great sacrifice of coming to the earth shows His love for His creation.

Ministry of Jesus
The Gospels tell the stories of Jesus Christ’s life. Once Jesus began His ministry, people witnessed the mighty power of God in Him. he controlled nature, healed sickness, cast out demons, and raised the dead. All these accounts are told so that we might believe that Jesus is God and trust Him for eternal life.

Easter Story
Once Jesus had finished His ministry, the rulers of that day captured Him, unjustly tried Him, and executed Him. He had never done one thing wrong. He was buried, and on the third day, He rose from the grave – alive again! He had conquered death for all of mankind.

How to be Saved
Right at the beginning, Adam sinned, and then all men were sinners. Since Jesus Christ, Who had never sinned, was crucified as a sinner, His death substitutes for every person who forsakes himself and his sin and trusts completely in Him.

A Home in Heaven
Not long after Jesus rose from the dead, He went bodily, directly into heaven. He is there now with everyone who has already died while trusting Him. Eternal life in heaven is given to all those who repent and believe on Jesus. Someday, everyone who gets saved here on earth will live with God in heaven.

Children’s Ministries

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Nursery care is provided every service for babies from birth until they reach 3 years old.  Our trained staff and volunteers are eager to serve you and provide a safe experience for your child.
Children's Sunday School
Each week our Sunday School classrooms are filled with well-qualified teachers and workers.  We have age specific classes, beginning with 3-year-olds all the way up to teenagers.
Youth Ministries

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Ministry on our contact page.

Teen Sunday School
Each Sunday morning over  teenagers come together from all over the area to be taught the Word of God. Besides the fun games that are played and choruses that are sung, a Bible lesson is taught that deals with issues facing teenagers today. Classes are held for guys and girls separately so that they can learn on issues facing them specifically. After the Bible lesson, teens come together for a game time.
Teen Summer Camp
Each summer we take our 7th-12th graders to our summer camp where they are challenged by Bible preaching while having a great time during the day. For many of our teens, this week is the highlight of the year, and many life changing decisions have been made by our campers for the Lord.
Teen Rallies
We try to have at least yearly if not semiannual, youth rallies for our teens and bring in special speakers from across the country. We’ve seen many of our teens saved through these periodic youth meetings.
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